Rules and guidelines for TeamSpeak voice chat services
Revision 0.6 (02.April.2016)

- General server rules.

§010 – Server rules are always stronger then specific channel rules. General server rules always overrides specific channel rules. There can never be channel rules that stand in conflict with the server rules.

§020 – The administrator roles for the service is hierarchical in the following order:
Server Admin (S)
Channel Admin (C)
Super Moderator (M)

No orders given by any administrator may stand in violation with orders from a higher ranked admin. Server Admin (S) is the service owner and has the final and highest command. There can and will only ever be one Server Admin (S).

§030 – The content of the server, such as voice chat and/or text chat may not violate the laws in your country or the laws in Sweden. The content of any material distributed on the server, such as web links or external sources may not violate the laws in your country or the laws in Sweden. All text messages sent through the server are being logged for a period of 365 days. All voice chat sent through the server are being recorded and stored for a period of 90 days. All file uploads are permanently saved and logged, even if the channel admin removes a file. All content that violate major laws in your country or in Sweden will be filed and handed to the police in your country. Such content may be i.e. distribution of illegal and pirated software and multimedia, personal threats, planning of crimes and sexual harassment. Your IP-address and nickname(s) are permanently logged to the server.

§035 – Channel administrators are considered to be the owner of specific channels. This means that it will be the channel administrator/owner that is responsible for the content of the channel. Guests and members that are visiting a channel will fall in command to the channel administrator. The channel administrator/owner for a channel may set his own custom topic rules for the channel. The channel administrator may allow content such as harsh language and swearing as long as it does not violate paragraph §030 of the server rules. Guests and members that do not approve of the channel rules and the topic are advised to leave the channel and find another channel that suits them better. Custom channel rules may not stand in conflict with any of the general server rules.

§040 – Channels may NOT be used without any password set. Channel administrators that remove the password protection from any channels will have their administrator status removed and their channel or channels locked down until further notice. Passwords may be changed as often as the channel administrator like, but must NEVER leave a channel without a password set.

§050 – It is allowed for unregistered guests to use the service and join channels they have been invited too. Unregistered guests will however have limited support from the administration, and are advised to register themselves to use the service fully.

§055 – It is NOT allowed to neither register nor use a nickname containing sexual, racist, religious, discriminating or offensive language. Nor is it allowed to use TM and (C) brand names that you do not own, represent or are sponsored by.

§056 - It is NOT allowed to add yourself to the "registration request" group if you are already registered or have another verified status. Adding youself to the request group if you already have been verified will result in a warning and muted status.


- Usage rules

§250 – Make sure to configure a key on your keyboard to use the Push-to-talk feature in your Teamspeak client. Users with voice activation enabled and incorrectly configured, will be warned and then temporarily banned.

§255 – The services are provided for and dedicated to invited professional gamers only. If you do not know where to get a new channel created then you are most likely not eligible to request a channel either. All channels are created with a game or function in focus and must not be used for anything else. Channels tagged with the [VIP] prefix will be the only exception to this rule. Channels that lose focus on its original purpose will be deleted without further notice.

§260 – The server has a bot that actively is protecting the server from join flood and denial of service attempts. It will be possible to join and re-join the server at a rate of 3 times per 2 minutes. The fourth time doing so within this period of time will result in a 5 minute temporarily ban. If this is repeated for an unspecified amount of times a permanent ban will be applied. Furthermore the server protection bot will only allow for 10 server commands per minute per user. When the eleventh command is performed within this period of time, a 5 minute temporarily ban will be applied. Changing channels and writing text messages are considered as server commands.


- Administration rules

§500 - Investigations from complaints that prove abuse of position and power will result in immediate removal of administrator status.

§510 - Favoritism, sexism or discrimination will not be tolerated.

§520 - Administrators must give at least one warning before kicking or banning a user.